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Why choose our medical tourism agency?

We provide the highest quality plastic surgery care and individualized treatment in the shortest time possible.

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Medcare Vacances Inc. is a medical tourism agency that specializes in all types of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Thanks to its many years of experience, our agency has succeeded in creating a large network of experienced plastic surgeons who are recognized for their professionalism and the success rate of their aesthetic procedures.

We also work with various partners (private hospitals, 5 star luxury hotels…), to guarantee you a hassle-free medical stay in conditions that are favorable to your recovery.

  • Medcare Vacances Inc. is a medical tourism agency (permit N°703385), specialized in the organization of medical stays in Tunisia.
  • Medcare Vacances is a member of the Canadian Association of Travel Agencies ACTA.
  • Insurance coverage and civil and professional liability

A few words from the founder of MedCare

After having held several positions of responsibility in healthcare, particularly over the last twelve years, I decided to create “Medcare Vacances Inc. a medical tourism agency operating in Canada, in Europe under the name “Medcare Vacances Europe” and in Africa under the name “Medcare Africa”. Also founding shareholder and general manager of the “Polyclinic Ennasr”, co-founder of the company TMS “TunisiaMedicalService”, administrator at “Polyclinic Jasmins” and project manager and senior advisor to several health institutions, I put my 25 years of experience in the field at your service. I work with the best Tunisian plastic surgeons and I make you benefit from all my knowledge of cosmetic surgery, to ensure you results up to your expectations.

The missions and values of our medical tourism agency

Specialized in health tourism, Medcare has chosen Tunisia as its destination country.
It is a country with resources and medical provisions that respect our values and that allow you to benefit from unique care at reduced rates.



  • Access to quality medical and surgical services
  • Obtaining safe, affordable services with no wait times
  • A remarkable experience that influences patient well-being


  • Putting the patient at the center of our care, regardless of the type of care
  • Providing credible information, reliable advice and quality services
  • Ensuring ethics, honesty and integrity in our actions and decisions
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