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All the financing possibilities available to you

Taking care of the organization of your medical trip in Tunisia, MedCare Vacances allows anyone wishing to undergo a procedure to benefit from excellent care with discounts of up to 50%.

we are able to put you in the hands of excellent Tunisian surgeons.

However, the question arises. What are the assurances of our services? What are the expenses? Is there a specific medical tourism insurance ? Who should you turn to? Our teams have dedicated this space to answer all the frequently asked questions about medical tourism insurance.

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Why medical tourism insurance ?

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Typically, standard travel insurance excludes medical travel risks and therefore does not provide coverage for complications of scheduled surgery.

Although the risk of complications is controlled and low, any surgery (of any type) carries certain risks and complications that can arise with additional unforeseen expenses.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you purchase medical tourism insurance to protect you against medical complications by providing sufficient coverage for unexpected medical and non-medical expenses, not only while you are in the host country, but also after you return to your Home.

Our MedCare Vacations team is pleased to accompany and assist you with the medical travel insurance and standard insurance underwriting process with the insurers we work with. We arrange appointments and encourage you to discuss all the details and questions on your mind with experienced professionals. We do everything possible to ensure ease of administration and peace of mind throughout your trip.

Turn to MedCare Vacations for your surgery in Tunisia and benefit from the best of services and support including your medical travel insurance that will protect you against risks.

For all inquiries regarding your medical travel insurance or to make an appointment, please contact us for all your requests.

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