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Well-equipped clinics

Concerned about the satisfaction of its customers, the medical tourism agency in Tunisia, MedCare Vacances, works in collaboration with renowned establishments.

Indeed, we have chosen clinics that comply with international standards,

Approved and audited by the Tunisian Ministry of Public Health, our surgery clinics ensure the safety and smooth running of care.

From cosmetic surgery  to  orthopedic surgery and Briatric surgery  we entrust you to the hands of experienced professionals who have all the necessary equipment to ensure you of quality care and support.

Note that after the intervention and control, our Tunisian medical tourism agency  has  chosen for you 5 star hotels, all comfort, for a convalescence in the best conditions.

Why choose MedCare Vacations?

The medical and logistic team of MedCare Vacances in Montreal has carefully selected the clinics with which it works in collaboration, for different reasons:

  • The quality of their ultra-modern technical platform (latest generation medical equipment).
  • Medical clinics that rigorously respect all asepsis and hygiene standards.
  • The competence of the surgeons who work there.
  •  clinics that are characterized by the luxurious and comfortable standing of their rooms.

In order to provide you with the best services, Medcare Vacances has established partnerships with the best medical clinics.
For more information or to make an appointment,

contact us by phone at +1 647 812 1159 or via the online form.

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