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Plastic surgery financing
options available to you

You have decided to opt for plastic surgery in Tunisia and you want to benefit from MedCare Vacances’ services? Would you like to know the different plastic surgery financing solutions available to you?

Specialized in medical tourism in Tunisia, our team of professionals works regularly with various lending institutions. Depending on your needs and budget, you will be able to choose between different flexible options that meet your needs, and this, in a 100% tailor-made way.

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Customized options and simple procedures

Recognized for its customized services, cosmetic surgery is a personalized procedure, with details specific to each need. As a result, plastic surgery prices follow the same pattern and are also custom-made. Knowing all the details of this field, the establishments we put you in contact with offer flexible and accessible plastic surgery financing solutions.

As for the steps to follow, our team at MedCare Vacations is happy to accompany you through all the steps of your treatment, especially the one related to these cosmetic surgery financing establishments in Montreal or Quebec, so that you can concentrate on the treatment rather than on the payment.

Turn to MedCare Vacations for your plastic and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia and benefit from the best services and support.

For more information about plastic surgery financing or to make an appointment, contact us at +1 514 360-0561 or via the online form for all your requests.

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