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Competent and Experienced  Surgeons

French-speaking,all the Tunisian surgeons with whom we collaborate are graduates of the most prestigious Tunisian and/or French medical faculties. They are experienced and endowed with know-how that distinguishes them at the international level.

In order to ensure the total satisfaction of its clients, MedCare Vacances uses a meticulous method for the selection of its partners,  surgeons in Tunisia. Indeed, we work with a medical team, respectful of ethics and which assures you surgical interventions of excellent quality.

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A selection of the best surgeons in Tunisia

Medcare Vacances works with the best surgeons in Tunisia to provide its clients with high quality services and care.

What our team of
surgeons can offer you

In order to offer you the best possible quality of medical services, MedCare Vacations collaborates with a highly qualified medical team. Practitioners with the highest moral values and respect for medical ethics. Our surgeons:

  • Have performed their specialties and practiced in French hospitals.
  • Are perfectly French speaking and master English.
  • Are specialists in their respective fields and have accumulated hundreds of surgical operations
  • Are registered with the National Council of the Order of Physicians.
  • Are covered by professional insurance.
  • Are recognized both in Tunisia and internationally.

Do not hesitate to call on our services. We can be reached at
+1 647 812 1159 or via the the online form to answer all your questions.

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