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Hair transplant in Tunisia with Medcare Vacances

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Hormonal baldness or androgenetic alopecia is not a fatality. In fact, hair transplantation is a solution that allows you to correct hair loss in both men and women.

Although it does not affect your health physically, when faced with the loss of progressive or even definitive hair and the appearance of looking older, resentment can range from embarrassment to a suffering that is difficult to hide under a hat or wig.

This is why Medcare Vacances, a medical tourism agency in Tunisia, offers to take charge of hair implant treatments. This is a natural and permanent solution.

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Why Madcare Vacances for your hair transplant?

By choosing ,MedCare Vacances for your cosmetic surgery you will benefit from :


Professional and safe care

After the initial consultation, our hair surgery specialists in Tunisia are all proficient in both FUT and FUE implantation techniques. They evaluate the condition of the patient’s scalp and establish an appropriate choice against hair loss. The hair implantation technique in Tunisia requires between 3 and 5 hours under local anesthesia.


Advantageous price

The price proposed by MedCare Vacances covers the cost of the hair transplant procedure in Tunisia and the full board stay in an excellent hotel.

Medcare Vacances offers various payment options and facilities to better serve your interests.


Immediate care

Upon your arrival, MedCare Vacances naturally provides your transportation between airport, hotel and clinic as well as the assistance of cosmetic surgery before, during and after the intervention.


French speaking team

Our medical tourism agency specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery, collaborates with a team of French-speaking Tunisian aesthetic surgeons, which will not cause any hindrance in communication.

Medcare Vacances the definitive and safe solution: trust us and contact us for your hair transplant..


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