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Cosmetic surgery of the penis, also called penoplasty, aims to enlarge and/or widen the penis. It is performed on men whose penis is within acceptable size limits and who are physically and psychologically disturbed by this fact.
Enlargement penoplasty aims to increase the circumference of the penis, both at rest and when erect. This procedure is the most common. It is performed by lipofilling. It consists in increasing the diameter of the penis by injecting fat in this area.


Enlargement penoplasty

An extraction of fatty tissue is performed through hidden incisions in the stomach area, thighs or another area with a very fine suction cannula.

The areas of extraction are chosen according to the amount of fat needed. The fat cells are cleaned, centrifuged and injected through small incisions with fine cannulas in the form of microparticles between the skin surrounding the penis and the cavernous tissues by independent paths in order to achieve a harmonious result.

After the penoplasty enlargement procedure

Pain is usually minor. The penis is very swollen during the days following the operation and the result is exaggerated due to edema.
The gradual deflation of the first few days is normal: the swelling disappears but the fat cells remain.
Bruising may appear in the areas where the fat has been extracted for about 10 days.
You will need to wear loose-fitting underwear for the first few weeks, as briefs may cause inappropriate compression.
The stitches will resolve themselves after 10 to 15 days.
Sexual activity should be postponed for 2 to 3 weeks. Activities such as motorcycling, biking or horseback riding can be resumed after 1 to 2 months.

procedure de penoplastie
resultat une penoplastie

The result of an enlargement penoplasty

The final appearance will be appreciated in the 8 to 10 weeks following the surgery. This is the time needed for the swelling to disappear and the tissues to become supple again. The volume of the penis is definitive.
There can be a variable difference of up to 30% between the amount of fat injected and the fat that remains on the penis, but the surgeon takes this variation into account to define the volume of fat injected.
The result is permanent, but the patient must maintain a stable weight or not lose too much weight, even over the long term.
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