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Plastic surgery of the buttocks

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Benefit from the experience of our plastic surgeons!

It is no longer a secret that plastic surgery allows you to have the body you want. And as a woman, the curves of the figure emphasize the features of femininity. So why not look at the buttocks? This is one part of the body that can be refined according to your desires. Whether your buttocks are flat, sagging, bouncy, high, soft or firm, buttock surgery is an aesthetic solution that allows women to change the shape and size of their feminine curves.

However, buttock surgery is not covered by the RAMQ, the waiting time is quite long and the cost is high. Opt for medical tourism and use the services of MedCare Vacances. We work in collaboration with several qualified professionals who put their expertise in BBL surgery at your service.

What we offer for buttock surgery

Passionate about their profession and respecting your requests to the letter, our Tunisian plastic surgeons are recognized internationally and offer you their expertise in buttock surgery. Based on the characteristics of your body, we present several techniques for buttock augmentation:

protheses ou implants fessiers

Prostheses or buttock implants

lipofilling ou injection de graisses au niveau du fessier

Lipofilling or fat injection in the buttocks

macrolane ou injection acide hyaluronique au niveau du fessier

Macrolane or hyaluronic acid injection in the buttocks

With MedCare Vacations, we offer you the possibility to reshape your buttocks, even if you are not in Canada. We offer all types of buttock plastic surgery in Europe and Africa at low cost and without worrying about the details of your medical travel. We take care of making appointments with the surgeons and the medical team, as well as all the details related to your trip: ticket, transportation, hotel, tour…

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