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Abdominoplasty, your tummy tuck surgery

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Whether it is due to a diet or a pregnancy, excess skin on the stomach and flanks is remarkable. To get rid of this excess of fat, cosmetic surgery gives you the possibility to get rid of this body disgrace, quickly and permanently, thanks to abdominoplasty.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic surgical technique that eliminates excess fat directly at the source while tightening the abdominal wall. This procedure gives you a flat and firm stomach in the blink of an eye. However, this procedure remains expensive and requires a very long waiting period.

MedCare Vacations has found the ideal solution for all those who wish to regain a dream belly, quickly, and with a gain of up to 50% on tummy tuck surgery prices: a medical trip to Tunisia. We put you in contact with excellent French-speaking plastic surgeons for your procedure and guarantee you a quality service and a complete care.

Expert surgeons in abdominoplasty in Tunisia

Having completed their studies in the best Tunisian or French universities, the Tunisian surgeons with whom we collaborate give you the benefit of their expertise and know-how for abdominoplasty surgery. It is in the respect of the standards of hygiene and the regulations of safety that they propose their services of a complete tummy tuck and of quality. With knowledge of all the techniques, they take care of :

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Complete abdominoplasty

Treats the entire front of the abdomen

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Extended abdominoplasty

Treats the front of the abdomen as well as the flanks

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Treats excess skin below the navel

Using the latest equipment and materials, the tummy tuck surgeons with whom you will be in contact guarantee safe procedures with stunning results. Even if you are in France, Belgium or Switzerland, you can always contact us for your abdominoplasty surgery in Tunisia.

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