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More details on intimate surgery for women

This intimate surgery for women is a sex surgery that can be performed for aesthetic reasons but also for repair. Requests for labiaplasty or labia reduction are increasingly common among young women and in some regions, hymenoplasty is also performed. For mature women who have had one or more pregnancies and want to regain better sensations, the choice is more oriented towards a vaginoplasty. 


Hymenoplasty: intimate surgery to reconstruct the deflowered hymen

It is an intimate surgery, the hymenoplasty, allows to reconstruct the deflowered hymen. It is a procedure that is very much in demand among young Muslim patients who want to bleed when the marriage is consummated with their husbands despite having had sex before marriage. It is also useful for those who have pierced the hymen without sexual intercourse and who want to avoid any confusion with her future husband. Discretion is always required for this type of procedure.


Labia majora augmentation by lipofilling: intimate surgery for women

In some cases, and to cover the labia minora, the large vaginal lips do not have enough volume. Many patients opt for lipofilling of the labia majora along with love handles or abdominal liposuction. Generally, the patient chooses to fill the face but also the intimate parts with the extracted fat.


It should be noted that the final volume of this intimate surgery will be obtained after 3 months because part of the fat will be resorbed. It is also possible to increase the volume of the labia majora by injecting hyaluronic acid but the result is temporary and will disappear completely after 12 months.


Labiaplasty: intimate surgery to reduce the vaginal labia minora

Many women who have labia minora that protrude from their underwear choose to have labiaplasty or labia reduction, especially when they have undergone total removal of hair from their private parts.


When wearing tight clothing, the discomfort can be aesthetic but also functional when practicing certain sports such as cycling or horseback riding or even during sexual intercourse.


Labioplasty is an intimate surgery that consists in reducing the size of the labia minora by removing the excess part.


Vaginoplasty: intimate surgery to rejuvenate the vagina

With age, women’s vaginal muscles become slack, especially after giving birth several times, and they lose tone in this intimate area. In order to reappropriate this intimate part, they can resort to vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty is an intimate surgery that serves to reduce the diameter of the vagina and to tighten the muscles of the perineum. After this intimate surgery, the operated woman regains sensations lost after multiple pregnancies.


Why does a woman need vaginal surgery?

Women who have a urovaginal area that has been altered or injured due to various medical reasons, may be eligible for vaginoplasty. They may be:


– Women with cancer who have undergone extensive surgery or radiation treatments for cancer of the organs and structures of the urinary tract and/or reproductive system


– Patients who have vaginal wall prolapse


– Women who have undergone physical trauma to the vaginal area as a result of an assault, accident or rape


– Patients with congenital anomalies that affect the vaginal area. 


Similarly, vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation for women is an excellent option for those who are healthy and have one or more of the following problems:


– Pain with sexual activity or physical activity 


– Contours of the genital structures that have become inelastic or stretched


– A desire to enhance the contour or appearance of the genitals


– Decreased sensation during pre-delivery sex.


In recent years, intimate surgery for women has experienced a real boom in cosmetic surgery. There are many and varied requests from women as well as treatments that serve to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the genitals such as the vulva, labia majora and labia minora through different interventions. The main objective of this intimate surgery is to improve the sexual life of these women. For women, intimate surgery treatments can be aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid injections, or plastic or reconstructive surgery.


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