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Why opt for the installation of dental veneers in Tunisia

These dental veneers consist of thin ceramic or composite shells that are glued to the outside of the teeth. This shell is a solution for the teeth. Tunisia may seem like the ideal destination to benefit from this solution where Tunisian dentists put their know-how at the service of all people with dental problems.


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Dental veneer Tunisia: duo of good results and cheap price

In order to improve the appearance of your teeth, dental veneers Tunisia or veneers for teeth are one of the many options of cosmetic dental surgery available. To do this, these dental veneers are bonded to the surface of the teeth.


They are laminates or thin shells made of tooth-colored material that can be a ceramic or composite bonding material. A technique used in cosmetic dental surgery, the installation of dental veneers in Tunisia aims to cover the visible part of the tooth, while correcting defects, alignment and shape of the teeth. The dental veneer or dental veneer is a solution put in place for the repair of broken teeth, or in the case where a tooth is stained while using a dental veneer for teeth whitening, or when a tooth is misaligned or mispositioned while opting for a dental veneer to correct the alignment of teeth. 


Dental veneers prices in Tunisia can vary from one practice to another. In fact, the price of dental veneers in Tunisia and the treatment options are to be discussed with the dentist before starting the treatment but generally the prices are very expensive. 


The advantages of the installation of dental veneers in Tunisia


Changing the shape of your teeth


Many suffer from tooth size problems where teeth may be naturally too small or too short, making you self conscious about your smile. Via dental veneers in Tunisia you can reshape the shape of your smile and effectively equalize the differences in the right conditions. 


Change the color of your teeth


Sometimes teeth can have a color other than white or they can have a dull or yellowish color and this is due either naturally or due to lifestyle choices (tobacco, coffee, wine, etc.). Moreover, tooth discoloration can also be the result of medical treatments such as repeated high dose antibiotics during childhood, or trauma that kills the nerves inside. In some cases, traditional teeth whitening treatments may yield unsatisfactory results or a patient’s teeth may be too sensitive to continue whitening. In these cases, dental veneers are considered the ideal solution. 


Repairing chipped teeth

Many people have small chips in their teeth that they are aware of but do not have any medical problems. Dental veneers help to correct this problem while repairing chipped teeth. 


Improving the alignment of teeth

For those who wish to straighten their teeth without braces, they can consider dental veneers in Tunisia. Dental veneers are reliable tools for improving the alignment of teeth while eliminating holes and correcting irregular teeth.


Repairing the damage caused by bruxism

Patients who have suffered from bruxism, or teeth grinding, in the past may have lost their tooth enamel. The placement of dental veneers allows them not only to restore the aesthetic appearance, but also to protect the teeth from sensitivity to heat and cold.


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Course of the installation of dental veneer in Tunisia

The number of teeth that you want to mask with the dental veneer in Tunisia, is not a constraint because the procedure for their installation remains the same.


Starting with a diagnosis with your dental surgeon is an essential step that is carried out before any intervention, where the professional will explain the result you want to achieve with the dental veneer.


During this examination, your dentist examines your teeth while also taking impressions of your mouth and teeth to see if the dental veneer is appropriate for you.


Then, your dentist makes an impression of the tooth to send it to the laboratory that will prepare the dental veneer, moreover this step of preparation of the teeth before the installation of dental veneers in Tunisia is a primordial. 


To receive the dental veneer, the milling of the enamel is useful in the preparation of the mouth, where your doctor removes 0.5 millimeter of the enamel of the tooth. This thickness is equivalent to that of the dental veneer. The last step is the placement of the denture. The dentist will attempt to place your denture temporarily to test its fit and result. Once the right position is found, the doctor applies a specific glue to the veneer in order to place it on the tooth. Afterwards, a light beam is applied to the dental veneer in Tunisia to activate the chemicals of the glue for a better fixation.