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Advice to follow after a hair transplant

Regardless of the type of hair transplant, the first week after a hair transplant operation is the most delicate period for the patient. In order to ensure a good result, here are the tips you can follow after your hair transplant.   Read also: Hair transplant Tunisia: The ultimate treatment against baldness   Taking care of the scalp after a hair transplant After a hair transplant, it is often advised by experts in the field … Lire la suite

Robotic hair transplantation: What you need to know

The robotic hair transplant is a perfect example of the advances made through this alliance. It is a new technique that has made life much easier for people suffering from baldness or alopecia. This new technology has revolutionized hair surgery and it seems that the advances in this science are endless.   The robotic hair transplant, an innovative technique There is no doubt that whether you are a man or a woman, being bald is … Lire la suite

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