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Fitting a dental venee : what you need to know


The smile is one of the first things most people notice. Many people want to achieve a bright smile by having their teeth whitened or veneered. Less known for getting white teeth, dental veneers are a good option for treating several physical and aesthetic problems. 

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Characteristics of dental veneers 

Veneers can be placed on teeth when the patient wants to enhance his or her smile, change the shade of the teeth and return them to their natural color, reshape the teeth when they are too small, too short or cracked due to trauma, for example, or to modify and correct slight misalignments or gaps between the teeth.

This can be stained, damaged, broken or slightly overlapping teeth. Reviewing the two main types of veneers that help achieve white teeth, which are  


  • Ceramic veneers,which provide good durability over time as well as maintenance require regular brushing equivalent to that provided to natural teeth.
  • Zirconia veneers, which are extremely resistant, give a truly natural look.
    These thin ceramic or zirconium oxide films are applied to premolars, canines and incisors to make teeth white and bright and to enhance the smile. 

Ces fines pellicules de céramique ou d’oxyde de zirconium viennent s’apposer sur les prémolaires, canines voire incisives pour rendre les dents blanches et éclatantes afin de sublimer le sourire. 



Dental veneers: a range of advantages 

La The installation of dental veneers is a real success where more and more patients choose to invest in such an intervention. This aesthetic change brings many advantages for patients. Here are some good reasons for the installation of dental veneers:  


  • Preserve the original tooth structure.  
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s smile while covering teeth yellowed by tobacco or coffee, for example, hiding a gray, devitalized tooth or even restoring the general harmony of the mouth.
  • Ensure bright whiteness for several years, without damaging the teeth.
  • To bring a real resistance that it is for the problems of bruxism, the shocks or the resistance to the heat and the cold. 
  • Guarantee to obtain a bright smile in only a few weeks since the process from the first appointment with the specialist to the installation of the veneers can be quite quick and painless.
  • Can be applied at any age.
  • Allows for the correction of several problematic elements in a single treatment (shade, alignment, shape, etc.)


The installation of a dental veneer: How does the procedure work?

A real aesthetic assessment will be carried out afterwards to determine the necessary number of dental veneers, the shape, the size and the shade. Afterwards, an impression of the patient’s teeth will be made and then sent to the dental technician in order to make a mold that will be used to create the patient’s dental veneers.

In order to ensure the final harmonization of the patient’s teeth, the dental surgeon will perform a minimal preparation of the teeth.

Technological advances now allow for increasingly effective results and thinner dental veneers, which promotes maximum preservation of the teeth involved. 

These excessively thin dental veneers require only minimal preparation of the teeth concerned so that they are porous and the glue adheres perfectly, which means that the practitioner is no longer obliged to cut and file a large part of the tooth before placing the prosthesis.

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Moreover, the act of placing a dental veneer is painless and is performed under local anesthesia for greater comfort. The time required to apply a dental veneer depends on the number of veneers to be applied since this procedure requires dexterity, meticulousness and precision.

First, the professional will prepare the surface of the tooth (enamel and dentin), as well as that of the veneer with specific products. 

Then, a surgical field is set up before the bonding operation is performed, in particular to remove oral humidity that could alter the adhesion.

Once the preparation is completed and with the help of a dental adhesive that matches the color of your teeth and that will be hardened with the use of a polymerizing lamp, the dental veneer will be permanently bonded. This step is a guarantee of a firm and durable installation of the veneer on the tooth. 

Thanks to its optical properties, the final aesthetic result obtained thanks to the installation of dental veneer is very natural and luminous and looks like enamel.

If you wish to have a beautiful smile that is natural and harmonious while guaranteeing a newfound self-confidence, contact us and benefit from a true radiance of the teeth. Our professionals are high quality experts who always ensure the satisfaction of our patients whatever their dental problems are.



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